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A is for Apple—The New Millennial Edition

A is for Apple, iGadgets at home
B is for Blackberry, your daddy’s smart phone
C is for CheckIn, place your own marks
D is for Disney, makes movies and parks
E is for Email, which old people use
F is for Facebook, it feeds you your news
G is for Google, search what it knows
H is for Hulu, catch up on shows
I is for iPod, your musical hits
J is for Java, coffee and bits
K is for Kindle, books in the cloud
L is for LOL, laughing out loud
M is for Microsoft, all hold it dear
N is for Napster, share with your peers
O is for Open, global and free
P is for Pandora, radio for me
Q is for QWERTY, tap to make words
R is for Remix, mashups absurd
S is for Skype, use it to talk
T is for Tweet, keep it real short
U is for Unix, it lives in /bin
V is for Valley, where startups begin
W is for WiFi, ‘net in the air
X is for Xbox, games with a flair
Y is for YouTube, its videos don’t end
Z is for Zynga, games with your friends
Copyright (c) 2010, Ashwin Ram

I’m looking for a collaborator to illustrate this in the form of a children’s book. And, a collaborator to set it to music. If you’re interested, please let me know.

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