GOOGLE CLOUD AI: Sorry, can’t share yet.

ALEXA, LET’S CHAT: Conversational agents that converse coherently and engagingly with humans on popular topics and news events.

FITTLE: A social/mobile app to engage users in healthy lifestyles using psychological principles of behavior change. Developed at PARC. Available through iOS App Store and Google Play. Delivered to Xerox.

OPENSTUDY: A social community for e-learning, developed at Inquus. Adopted by several major institutions including MIT OCW. 500k registered users from 180 countries, over 2.5M monthly uniques.

D2 (DARMOK2): Real-time case-based planning and learning system. Developed at Georgia Tech. Open-sourced via SourceForge.

COBOT: Conversational AI platform and community website for health. Developed at Georgia Tech and licensed into Cobot Health spinoff company. Raised seed funding. Startup closed due to visa reasons.

CASEBOOK: An intelligent software system that supports teachers and students in problem-based learning at the undergraduate, high school, and middle school levels. Deployed at Emory and 3 Atlanta-area public schools.

CCAP: A case-based turbine diagnostics system, developed at Enkia. Delivered to GE Energy’s Monitoring & Diagnostics Center.

PEMS: A case-based networking monitoring and troubleshooting system. Delivered to SAIC.

STATLADY++: An intelligent tutoring system that creates lesson plans based on its assessment of the student’s learning goals and modifies them dynamically during the tutoring session.

PEPE: A robotic system that simulates the behaviors, emotional responses, and user interactions of a pet. Delivered to Yamaha.

SEARCH ORBIT: A cognitive AI engine that infers user intent from web browsing behavior, and personalizes search results dynamically. Developed at Enkia based on research conducted at Georgia Tech. Delivered to Cox Enterprises.

BEAVIS: A battlefield analysis system that uses AI and CBR techniques to recognize enemy strategies from descriptions of multi-agent battlefield scenarios and to create conceptual visualizations of the scenarios. Delivered to Army Research Labs.

WALTS: Multimedia AI program to provide on-the-job support for human troubleshooters. Delivered to DEC.

NICOLE: A “next generation” case-based reasoning system that includes MOORE, an opportunistic memory module that provides asynchronous remindings; MPA, a multiplan adaptation and merging system; and TaskStorm, a utility-based controller. Licensed into spinoff company (Enkia).

ISAAC: A creative natural language understanding system that reads science fiction stories.

SINS: A multistrategy case-based and reinforcement learning system that continuously constructs and adapts its own system-environment model during robot navigation tasks.

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