NOTE: Prof. Ram is now at Google. He maintains an adjunct position at Georgia Tech.


Dr. Santi Ontañón, Research Scientist. Case-Based Reasoning.

Currently: Professor, Drexel University.

Dr. Baoli Li, Research Scientist. Natural Language Processing.

Currently: Professor, Henan University of Technology.

Manish Mehta, PhD in HCC (2011). Game AI.

Thesis: Construction and Adaptation of AI Behaviors in Computer Games.

Currently: Research Scientist, Accenture Technology Labs.

Saurav Sahay, PhD in CS (2011). Social Networks for Healthcare.

Thesis: Socio-Semantic Conversational Information Access

Currently: Research Scientist, Intel Research.

Pedro Pablo Goméz Martin, Visiting Researcher (2009). Game AI.

Currently: Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

David Llansó García, Visiting Researcher (2009). Game AI.

Currently: PhD Student, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Anushree Venkatesh, MS in CS (2009). Text Analytics.

Currently: Co-founder & CEO, Cobot Health Corporation.

Jai Rad, MS in CS (2009). Game AI.

Currently: Financial Systems Developer (R&D), Bloomberg.

Rushabh Shah, MS in CS (2009). Game AI.

Currently: Software Developer, The Fanfare Group.

Marco Antonio Gómez Martín, Visiting Researcher (2008). Game AI.

Currently: Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Alejandro Dominguez, MS in CS (2008). Social Recommender Systems.

Currently: Software Developer, Microsoft (Bing Multimedia Group).

Abhishek Jain, MS in CS (2008). Interactive Virtual Characters.

Currently: Software Engineer, Rapleaf

Anupreet Walia, MS in CS (2008). Text Analytics.

Currently: Software Engineer, Adobe.

Bharat Ravisekar, MS in CS (2008). Text Analytics.

Currently: Software Engineer, Amazon.

Baoli Li, Postdoctoral Fellow (2008). Natural Language Processing for Healthcare Applications.

Currently: Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Dublin, UK.

Neha Sugandh, MS in CS (2008). Game AI.

Currently: Software Engineer, World Evolved, NY.

Kinshuk Mishra, MS in CS (2008). Game AI.

Currently: Software Design Engineer, Expedia Inc, Bellevue, WA.

Shreekanth Karvaje, MSin CS (2008). Social Recommender Systems.

Currently: Software Engineer, Truveo.

Eric Johnson, MS in CS (2008). Game AI.

Currently: Software Engineer, CCP Games

Joseph Irwin, BS in CS (2008). Text Analytics.
Tom Amundsen, BS in CS (2008). Game AI.

Currently: Graduate Student, University of Washington

Sandy Vanderbleek, BS in CS (2008). Natural Language Processing.

Currently: Graduate Student, University of Central Florida.

Sugandha Pahwa, MS in HCI/IDT (2007). Educational Technologies.

Currently: Business Analyst, Manhattan Associates.

Christina Lacey, BS in CM (2007). Interactive Virtual Characters.

Currently: Startup for Asian Investment Bankers, Singapore.

Andrew Trusty, BS in CS (2007). Game AI.

Currently: MS Student in CS, University of Toronto.

Manu Sharma, MS in CS (2007). Game AI, Interactive Drama.

Currently: Software Engineer, Electronic Arts, CA.

Nick Underwood, MS in CS (2004). Educational software for problem-based learning.

Currently: Software Engineer, ADAM Inc

Chris Sprague, MS in CS (2004). Educational software for problem-based learning.

Currently: Co-Founder & CEO, Inquus Corporation (, Atlanta, GA.

Mark Devaney, PhD in CS-AI (2003). Thesis: Plan recognition in large-scale multi-agent tactical domains.

Currently: CTO, Lion Cave Capital, NY.

Anthony Francis, PhD in CS-CogSci (2000). Thesis: Context-sensitive asynchronous memory.

Currently: Senior Renaissance Engineer, Google Inc, Mountain View, CA.

Juan Carlos Santamaria, PhD in CS-AI (1997). Thesis: Learning adaptive reactive agents.

Currently: VP Engineering, XYZ Corporation (acquired by Trimble), Atlanta, GA.

Kenneth Moorman, PhD in CS-CogSci (1997). Thesis: A functional theory of creative reading: Process, knowledge, and evaluation.

Currently: Professor, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY.

Michael Cox, PhD in CS-CogSci (1996). Thesis: Introspective multistrategy learning: Constructing a learning strategy under reasoning failure.

Currently: Program Manager, DARPA-IPTO.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shao-Shin Hung on January 24, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Dear ALL:

    For the comments or papers shown above, we have very similar ideas about the game AI and its related fields. Therefore, we may interact with your team in these fields through this web site. First, I come from taiwan, Ph.D in CS. Our research areas are Game AI, VR, Data base systems, and Computer Graphics. That is all. Finally, thanks for your kindnesss.

    best regards,

    Reader: Shao-Shin Hung


  2. Posted by Abdiansah on June 3, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Hi All, nice to meet you, my name is Abdiansah, I’am from Indonsia and currently still studied CBR for any area of application


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