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NLP: Not (Just) Language, People

As consumers become producers and, now, participants in online social communities, there are new opportunities and challenges in the increasing amounts of textual information and interactions on the web, within enterprises, in government, and in new types of social media and virtual worlds.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) researchers have traditionally regarded language as the object of study. In this talk, I argue that NLP is as much a study of people as of language per se. Doing NLP well requires us to model and reason about Content (domain knowledge), Context (goals and tasks), and Community (social context). I discuss why modeling the three C’s is difficult, and illustrate some approaches to these problems using examples from my recent academic and commercial projects.

Invited talk at PARC (Palo Alto Research Labs), Palo Alto, CA, January 2009

On-Line Case-Based Planning

Some domains, such as real-time strategy (RTS) games, pose several challenges to traditional planning and machine learning techniques. In this paper, we present a novel on-line case-based planning architecture that addresses some of these problems. Our architecture addresses issues of plan acquisition, on-line plan execution, interleaved planning and execution and on-line plan adaptation. We also introduce the Darmok system, which implements this architecture in order to play Wargus (an open source clone of the well-known RTS game Warcraft II). We present empirical evaluation of the performance of Darmok and show that it successfully learns to play the Wargus game.

Read the paper:

On-Line Case-Based Planning

by Santi Ontañón, Neha Sugandh, Kinshuk Mishra, Ashwin Ram

Computational Intelligence, 26(1):84-119, 2010.