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Adapting Associative Classification to Text Categorization

Associative classification, which originates from numerical data mining, has been applied to deal with text data recently. Text data is firstly digitalized to database of transactions, and then training and prediction is actually conducted on the derived numerical dataset. This intuitive strategy has demonstrated quite good performance. However, it doesn’t take into consideration the inherent characteristics of text data as much as possible, although it has to deal with some specific problems of text data such as lemmatizing and stemming during digitalization. In this paper, we propose a bottom-up strategy to adapt associative classification to text categorization, in which we take into account structure information of text. Experiments on Reuters-21578 dataset show that the proposed strategy can make use of text structure information and achieve better performance.

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Adapting Associative Classification to Text Categorization

by Baoli Li, Neha Sugandh, Ernie Garcia, Ashwin Ram

ACM Conference on Document Engineering (ACM-DocEng-07), Winnipeg, Canada, August 2007