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Towards Player Preference Modeling for Drama Management in Interactive Stories

There is a growing interest in producing story based game experiences that do not follow fixed scripts pre-defined by the author, but change the experience based on actions performed by the player during his interaction. In order to achieve this objective, previous approaches have employed a drama management component that produces a narratively pleasing arc based on an author specified aesthetic value of a story, ignoring a player’s personal preference for that story path. Furthermore, previous approaches have used a simulated player model to assess their approach, ignoring real human players interacting with the story-based game.

This paper presents an approach that uses a case-based player preference modeling component that predicts an interestingness value for a particular plot point within the story. These interestingness values are based on real human players’ interactions with the story. We also present a drama manager that uses a search process (based on the expectimax algorithm) and combines the author specified aesthetic values with the player model.

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Towards Player Preference Modeling for Drama Management in Interactive Stories

by Manu Sharma, Santi Ontañón, Christina Strong, Manish Mehta, Ashwin Ram

20th International FLAIRS Conference on Artificial Intelligence (FLAIRS-07), Key West, FL, May 2007